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I am always giddy when I discover a new find that I want to share with all of you.  Today, I am happy to tell you about
The Good Cookies and Beyond, a gluten free bakery inTorrance that also features several vegan items.  They are all natural and organic.  After tasting their goods, I am super grateful to my friend who told me about them earlier this month.

Owners Amber and Lisa strive to provide their customers with gourmet baked goods that are “extraordinary delicious.”  I can attest that they do just that.  Their original cookie recipe was developed over 15 years ago when Lisa’s mom was diagnosed with celiac disease.  They are also strong believers in keeping our environment healthy so all of their packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.

Up front, I want to disclose that I am fairly critical of gluten free goodies.  I find that they are often dense and rarely moist.  I was super curious to taste the offerings from The Good Cookies and Beyond, because I was a bit skeptical.  

I sampled several bars and cookies.  The Almond Bars were one of my favorites – super moist and chewy with bits of dried fruit.  This bakery is going to be dangerous for my waist line!  The cookies were the best gluten free ones I have every tasted.  Again, they were incredibly moist and flavorful. I tried the Sunbutter Cookies and Joy Almond Cookies.  I am a huge fan of both.  The Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin is another winner, as are both cupcakes I tried – Carrot and Chocolate.  I am not a huge Carrot Cake fan, but actually really enjoyed the cupcake.

I am excited and encouraged to see an all gluten free bakery right in my backyard.  Since cutting out gluten from my diet earlier this month, it has been difficult to find baked goods that are vegan and gluten free.  I often have to bake them myself, and sometimes it is difficult to make the time.  I find it inspiring to see Amber and Lisa taking on such a worthwhile initiative – more proof that good food really is good food!  Taste and health can coexist with delicious results.  A big thumbs up to The Good Cookies and Beyond

You can order online or visit them in person at 2081 Torrance Boulevard in Torrance.  They also serve daily lunch items, including lasagna, quiche, and salads.  Be sure to check them out and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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Like many other bakeries on this list, The Good Cookies was born out of a venture at a local farmers’ market where one of the co-owners set out to sell her gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  The brick & mortar store they eventually moved into on busy Torrance Blvd. is the only place in the south bay where you’ll find such a wide selection of safe options.  They offer more than cookies though, with both sweet and savory baked goods including dairy (and casein) free, soy free, egg free, paleo and vegan items.  You can also stop by for a little gluten free lunch of lasagna or quiche.  Don’t miss the donut holes and the pumpkin cheesecake brownies (310/320-7200).

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Brandy Wendler - Ms. ALASKA
Your cookies were AMAZING!!  (Celiac Disease Foundation, Studio City, CA  4/2712 & 4/28/12)

Megan C. - Ft. Myers, Florida
My mom got the gift basket that I ordered for her birthday from your Bakery.  She LOVES them!! She says she hasn't had a "good cookie" in over a year since being diagnosed with Celiacs -- and they are absolutely delicious!  It made her day, and mine too. She can't wait to try the brownies that you generously put in the basket at no charge as well.

Gayle M. - Ventura, California
The Good Cookies are FABULOUS!! They should be called the INCREDIBLE cookies because they are SO delicious.  I have tried dozens of different gluten-free cookies by mail-order from all over the United States, and The Good Cookies are the BEST and the only cookies that taste just like the "real thing" -- and they have all natural ingredients, which is so important to me.

I would highly recommend The Good Cookies for any time of the day - morning, noon, or night!  If there was a way to do it, I would gladly give you (the readers) my own personal "money-back guarantee" that you won't be disappointed when you buy them - that's HOW GOOD they are!!  The owners are so sweet and helpful, and my orders arrive in perfect condition every single time. 

Krista P. - Denver, Colorado
Initially I ordered The Good Cookies for a friend with Celiac Disease because she is never satisfied with other gluten-free treats she has tried.  When they arrived (practically still warm) in the most adorable packaging ever, I couldn't resist taking a nibble for myself.  WOW! AMAZING! I WANT MORE!! I never thought a "healthy" cookie would taste this good.  My Celiac friend agreed when she tried them . . . and now we are both addicted!

Sue L. - Cherry Hill, New Jersey
I bought these cookies (and dairy-free dark chocolate covered strawberries) as a surprise for my brother (and his kids) and his fiance (and her kids, one of whom has to be dairy-free), to be delivered the day they arrived in CA for their wedding/vacation.  It was in their room waiting in beautiful packaging, according to my brother.  Amber was a delight to work with, taking care of all my needs, since I am in NJ and unable to plan it myself.  She assured me it would all be dairy-free (and clearly labeled as such) so that my soon-to-be-niece would feel confident eating it all.  My brother - who doesn't have to eat dairy/gluten-free - said the cookies were "awesome".  My only regret is not having ordered more!!!  THANK YOU!

Doris & Herman S. -  Cape Coral, Florida
Eating these cookies brings back warm feelings and wonderful memories of trips to our local Bakery when we were just kids.  We also like to purchase them as gifts for going-away parties, welcome to the neighborhood events, and retirement get-togethers. 

Carol P. - Parker, Colorado
Not being gluten-intolerant, I had never tasted gluten-free cookies before receiving these as a gift.  They are absolutely delicious!  I enjoy each and every flavor.

Gwynne M. - Ft. Myers, Florida
The Good Gookies aren't just good, they are addictive!! I work with a lady who had kept telling me about how good these gluten-free cookies were.  And so one day I was having a really bad day at work and she gave me a bag of the chocolate chip kind (hoping to kind of cheer me up).  Let me just tell you, it did the trick!! I was going to be really good and only eat one and save the rest for later, but I ended up devouring all of them in about 5 minutes.  They were that good!  My only regret is that I didn't have an ice cold glass of milk to go with them.  They taste just like your grandma's chocolate chip cookies.  I would never have known they were free of gluten by just tasting them. 

Dwayne M., - Ojai, California
What a pleasant surprise!! Gluten-free cookies that actually taste great :)

Heather A., - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
I am not gluten intolerant, but buy these cookies anyway because I love the taste.  I am very health conscious, and eating these cookies makes me feel less guilty because I know they are healthier for me. 

Dr. Bradley S. - Novi, Michigan
I began purchasing The Good Cookies for frends and colleagues who follow gluten-free diets -- but quickly learned that my family, staff, and I love them as well.  Everyone who has tasted them has been delighted!

Elsie P. - Overland Park, Kansas
Who doesn't love a good cookie??!  Mine were a special treat, as they were sent to me by a friend.  I shared them with my daughter, who is gluten intolerant -- and she said they were the best gluten-free cookies she had ever tasted.  She loved the rich flavor and moist texture.

Casey J., - Playa Del Rey, California
When ordering these cookies as gifts, it is especially nice not to have to worry about gift wrapping, as the packages come with pretty ribbons and colorful tisue already - so I don't have to do a thing!

YUMMMM  . . . Kids love 'em too !!!




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