The Good Cookies...
*Gluten-Free   *Wheat-Free   *Dairy-Free  *Casein-Free  *Natural & Organic

About Us and Packaging


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THE GOOD COOKIES & BEYOND is co-owned and operated by Amber Barros & Lisa McCulloch -
Two friends with the same dream: to provide customers with gourmet baked good alternatives that are extraordinarily DELICIOUS!

Lisa began develoing the original "Good Cookie" recipe over 15 years ago when her Mom was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance known as Celiac Disease.  Since that time, it has been Lisa's goal to share her treats with others who suffer from similar dietary conditions.

We strongly believe in keeping our environment as healthy as our consumers.  Therefore, all of our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. 

       Standard Packaging:  Black/Silver with Cookie Card              Standard Packaging: Black/Pink with Cookie Card 


     Baker's  Box / Silver Ribbon                                                             Baker's Tin / White Ribbon        


                   Valentine's Day Packaging                                                 Individually Packaged In Cellophane for Freshness 


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